Real estate contract Georgia answers & exapmles

Q: We have been married now and are eligibleFor home, what do we have to demonstrate for this?

It states we can terminate if we become qualified for housing (military service members)
Attorney Answer Patrick Korody

A: It is a state law question – you need to go see the base legal assistance office or the base housing office. Normally, you are in need of a letter on official letter head that matches with the demands of state law.

Q: Without running water, can you dwell a rental property in the state of Georgia?

Lawyer Solution Brian Lehman

A: If the house is uninhabitable, the owner isn’t allowed to rent it. Deficiency of running water makes it uninhabitable. Here is the Georgia Landlord-Tenant handbook:

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Q: My father in law will probably sign what forms do we need and the property deed over to us do we want legal counsel for this

Attorney Solution Rachel Lea Hunter

A: You will need a real estate attorney. There are no forms of using a quit claim deed form which you buy at an office supply store or legal forms area on the world wide web unless you might be thinking. Do not be economical and think because if something does not go then you will end up costing yourself way to get a mess cleared up you will save a few dollars. Go to a real-estate lawyer and possess a suitable title prepared. Titles aren’t all that pricey. However, some issues arise. While its swell your father-in-law would like to give property to you, there are gift tax consequences for him if the house is value. in over $13,500 There might additionally be a capital gains issue in the event the property is highly valued in value. Also, will he be wanting Medicaid any time in the next FIVE years? If so, there are consequences there at the same time. I believe your father-in-law needs to sit back with estate planning attorney or a Medicaid and see what the top method will soon be to transfer the piece of land to you so as to prevent tax along with other consequences.

Q: How do I get my company (S Corp) to purchase my home, in Macon, GA, or is a simple transfer potential?

Attorney Reply Robert Jason De Groot

A: It truly is my opinion that you require legal counsel for each real estate transaction.

Q: My father in law passed away without a will. My mother in law’s name and his name are both on the title.

Who lawfully has my mother in law, ownership/ rights to your house or my husband and his sibs? Or both?
Lawyer Response Dr Kenneth V Zichi J.D.

A: This is determined by HOW both their names were on the deed. Without seeing the records it’s impossible to know what type of shared possession who might have an interest in the property, and it was. What’s more, it depends on whether the kids were a number of other questions you don’t reply in your post, and the children of both spouses. The BEST advice is to speak with a nearby probate lawyer to determine in what way the facts of your situation fit into the law in GA. Do not ASSUME anything, seek a legal opinion that is actual. — This response is offered for informational purposes only and does not represent legal advice or create an attorney/client relationship. I’m licensed to practice in Michigan just. Please should you feel you need legal advice seek competent local legal help

Q: Our landlord will not return our total security deposit due to “damages.”

Damages were there prior to go-in. We were not provided a go-in a go or statement -out statement. We were confronted with a number of other problems at the house (which for a month might be deemed uninhabitable). How can we go about regaining the deposit?
Attorney Answer Paula J. Mcgill

A: In case the landlord refuses to return the deposit, you can sue in small claims court for the return, triple the wrongfully withheld deposit in the event the landlord is a sizable landlord (10 or more units) or a management firm managed the rental property to get a charge. Furthermore, you might sue for a reduced value of your lease for the time the home was not fixed or uninhabitable.

Q: Can a property using a slim be transferred to surviving family member?

My husband’s father dies. The “will” leaves everything to his stepmother. It has a trim of $50k, although she has now stated he can possess a secondary property that was his father’s. Does my husband have to get a loan that is new with all and closing costs and down payment, or is there a means for her to transfer the thin and everything into his name? We’re getting conflicting responses, and having trouble locating this info that is specific online.
Lawyer Response Terrence H Thorgaard

A: The property is distributed to the stepmother and also in the event the probate court finds the will, she is able to convey it to your own husband matter to the lien. Whoever owns the lien could be capable of foreclose the lien, in which case he would need to either loose the property or pay it off.

Q: What is the difference between a Deed and also a Title to a property?

Attorney Answer Ben F Meek III

A: A Title is a document that reflects the grant of particular rights to the property that is identified and in and is a kind of evidence or muniment of title. “Title” is the bundle of rights the majority of people think of as possession. The deed to your house should reflect the type of your title (ownership rights) such as, fee simple, a period of years, a life estate, a leasehold, etc. Fee simple means entire ownership or nearly outright. The deed may also reflect co- ownership as well as the specific form of co-ownership, including a co-tenancy, tenancy by the entirety (in a few states), or joint tenancy with right of survivorship. Hope this can help.